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The Ilera Clinic Ire is a Private hospital, located at  Ire II, Oye Local Government, Ekiti State.  It was  established on 1/3/1991, and operates on 24Hhrs basis.

The Ilera Clinic Ire is Licensed hospital by the Nigeria Ministry of Health, with facility code 13/16/1/1/2/0004 and registered as Primary Health Care Centre.


Service Offered 

The Ilera Clinic Ire offers the following medical services.

SN Services  Availability
1. Medical Services
2 Surgical Services
3. Pediatrics Services
4. Ambulance Services No
5 Special Clinical Services Antenatal Care (ANC), Family Planning
6 Obstetrics & Gynecology Services
7 Dental Services No
8 Onsite Laboratory No
9 Mortuary Services No
10 Onsite Imaging No
11 Onsite Pharmacy No

Open Days & Time

The Ilera Clinic Ire is open on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday , and operates on 24Hhrs basis. 


What type of Hospital is Ilera Clinic Ire?

The Ilera Clinic Ire is Licensed by the Nigerian Ministry of Health. It is registered as a Primary Health Care Centre.

There are three-tier system of health care in Nigeria, depending on the facility infrastructure, personnel and the type of care they offer. 


  • Primary Health Care Clinic

    Primary Health Care (PHC)  are health centres at the community or ward level, and is the first point of contact for patient. Most of the healthcare providers in the PHC are nurses, community health workers, and sometimes, a doctor who practices general medicine.

    You’ll most likely be referred to a secondary or tertiary health care centres if you need specialize medical attention. Primary Health Care is managed by the Local Government.


  • Secondary Health Care Hospital
    The Secondary Healthcare System is managed by the states government through their state ministries of health.
    They handle all cases that are “too big” for Primary Health Care” to handle.

    Examples of secondary healthcare clinic are the general hospitals, comprehensive health center, district hospital, specialist and “big” private hospitals


  • Tertiary Health Care
    The Tertiary Healthcare System is managed by the federal government through their Federal Ministries of Health. Examples of tertiary healthcare clinic are the Federal Medical Centres, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospitals, Univerity Teaching Hospital, National Laboratories, and some “top” private high-level specialist hospitals.

    The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) operated institutions handle the policy-making, technical support, national health management, and health services delivery. The Tertiary Health Care System also helps to coordinate the activities of the other lower healthcare tiers such as secondary and primary healthcare.


Ilera Clinic Ire Contact & Address

Hospital Address: Odo Sreet AlongOsin Ikole Road Ire II Oye, Ekiti, Nigeria
Phone Number: 0805-646-6552, 0803-524-6586
Postal Code/Address:
Coordinate: Long 5.39281, Lat 5.39281
Email Address:
Website Address:


How Big is Ilera Clinic Ire? 

It can be difficult to rate how “big” a hospital is with land space alone. Typically, we can measure size of a hospital based on; number or beds, facility level, and services offered. 

  • Number of Beds
    The higher the number of beds in a clinic, the bigger it is.
  • Services offered
    If a hospital offer wide services, they’ll have more doctors and other medical practioners oncall. The higher the number of service offered, the bigger the hospital.
  • Facility Level
    Typcially, Secondary and Tertiary hospital tend to be bigger than Primary Health Centre.
  • Onsite Laboratory and Pharmacy
    The biggest hospitals tend to conduct all tests, and have all materials they need within the hospital premises.

Ilera Clinic Ire have the following facilities;

Number of Beds: 4

Services Offered: , , Antenatal Care (ANC), Family Planning, ,  No, .

Facility Level: Ilera Clinic Ire is a Primary Health Care Centre

Onsite Laboratory:  No

Onsite Pharmacy:  No

Ambulance Service:  No

Mortuary Service: No



Which Local Government is Ilera Clinic Ire located?

The Ilera Clinic Ire is located in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria

How many beds are in Ilera Clinic Ire?

Ilera Clinic Ire has 4 beds.

What is the address of Ilera Clinic Ire?

The Ilera Clinic Ire is situated at Odo Sreet AlongOsin Ikole Road Ire II Oye, Ekiti, Nigeria

What is the open hour of Ilera Clinic Ire? 

The clinic is open on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday and operates on 24Hhrs basis. 

Which hospital is the oldest in Nigeria?

General Hospital, Lagos Island, Lagos is the oldest hospital in Nigeria. It was established in 1893 as a British military hospital.

How many General Hospitals are in Nigeria?

Statistics show that health institutions rendering health care in Nigeria are 33,303 general hospitals, 20,278 primary health centers and posts, and 59 teaching hospitals and federal medical centers.

Who appoints Chief Medical Directors in Nigerian Hospital?

In government-owned hospitals, either the federal or state government appoints the CMD, depending on who owns the facility. However, in private hospitals, CMD appointment is a sole decision made by the owner or the constituted board.

How many Private Hospitals are in Nigeria?

According to the Nigerian Health Registry, there are 39,469 hospitals in Nigeria, 10,464 of them are private hospitals, while 29,005 other health care centres belong to either the Local, State or Federal Government

How many Tertiary Hospitals are in Nigeria?

According to the Nigerian Health Registry, there are 39,469 hospitals in Nigeria,  148 of it is classified as a Tertiary health care centres (which includes; Teaching Hospitals, Private Specialist Hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Military Hospitals)

Which State has the highest number of Hospitals in Nigeria?

Lagos State has the most hospital in Nigeria. Lagos state has over 2,333 hospitals, followed by Katsina and Benue with 1,943, and 1,837 health facilities respectively.


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